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  • 100% BLACK lodged -=- all analog fidelity vinyl owl-04
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    jacket and insert silk screened by sexslave (annie). transferred directly from tape.

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released September 11, 2014



all rights reserved


100% BLACK Binghamton, New York

u fall thru the black lodge and wind up landing on either side

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'now'/ 'me'/ 'i wanna'
'mine'/ 'i want mine'
'his'/ 'yours'/ 'give me one'
'take', i can take.

and now yours:
'ought'/ 'should'
'could', 'will' and 'can'
'now!' 'yours'/ 'now,' 'try,' etc

with infinite chance to lose i choose all you, too.
what is mine, what's 'mine'?
so who's the red-man singin' (to) now, at the end of my black pow-wow-wow-wow? oh, its me, comin' down from the peaks of twin fantasy, and it is the brightest and lightest most gleamingest black i ever did see lookin' down at the buzzkill // my character is the universe who wanted so badly to become tim(e) that he(it) became me. colors forming, we paint ourselves every morning. orange and black and up to green i see most things then everything, everything, everything // then we'd both see! cause i drew thick black lines across everything til only she'd be what she could be and only i would know where i had been when i went left.
there are notions in the window, i cannot reject it. i can project (the tension) but i cannot connect it. a few that seem too 'known' to me, images that cycle; i can hate the motion. i know what it isn't. i know i can be satisfied-i just find it in the window.

that's a look that speaks to me, that's my name! i know it doesn't matter, light that doesn't matter. i try to keep it all together. i try to keep it in a room, push out a breeze. i'm gonna feed it, i cannot believe it. just take a look at what my pen wrote, just take a look at what it seems to be! and i know its all 'happening' so i bathe as if in water.

now, motions in the window. i shouldn't hear them but its louder. there is divide like a border. they divide, they refuse. i divide, i refuse. i am a line. i am a line. i can't stand to see the curtain but i was raised to be a ladder. i was raised, it doesn't matter?

cause now i'm staring at the windows which become a door. there is an order that i try to deny. there is an essence that i cannot provide. it reacts to a reality that i develop at an insufferable speed. one is defined as one reacts to me. there is a world in the window, but i (only) know because i hear it.
Track Name: NEW THING
my body is a shitty vessel and to work it out is unrealistic. its unreal, the scar of my mind. yr the freak!

well, i think that i'm a rat cause they treated me like one. me, like one. but i'd still feel dumb. they told me 'yr a rat.'
Track Name: YR BLACK
meet a person, tell your story, read a book. just the same as anyone. take a piece of your better half and don't show anyone.

and the other? oh please, man, i hate nothin'. and i like everyone.

but its there and it grows and i know i know i know it shows everyone. i think of everything at once, every thing and every one.

pick a lover or a neighbor or a mother, but, who's gonna love you? well, a dog has love. so love anyone. any one.
Track Name: 100%/punk paradox
what rules about punk ruling is that it has no rules. say 'yr 100%', say 'yr black' and i'm like WHAT THE FUCK, man? i cannot see you, i see cooper , not bob. people who still use their minds wanna know, keep on askin' me 'how does that work?' // they wanna know how that works. you wanna be a better grown-up grownup. i took up the art of taking what i want and of knowing what i want right now i'm saying what i want. invent a situation and put it on T.V. // my life is a work and i feel like i'm painting again, i'm painting again! except you cannot see it and so i have to talk, as though i have to prove that i am creative because i'm actually not but nobody is my head only has more sides to it than it used to. i see what i wanna see, cannot believe how little i even 'wanna' see, can and only do.

it rules! it rules!